One month old

Month one done, Wow!

Can’t say its all been plain sailing, for the first 2-3 weeks I cried every day.  Damn hormones.  But I have learned some new skills and made some observations about Motherdom;

A good nights sleep is 3 hours in a row….

A nappy change can involve anything up to 4 nappies

A baby can get poo on its head without you noticing,  only to be noticed when you’re out in public

Eating a meal with two hands is a luxury that will probably escape you for many years to come

Your baby may never wear (or own) anything blue, but will have blue fluff permanently welded to their hands, which they will choose to open only when you have guests.

You will become a human mattress when your baby decides the expensive Moses basket isn’t to their taste!

Poo-naumi’s WILL happen at the most inopportune moments – go with it, well you haven’t got much choice now have you

Your beautiful, angelic baby will burp like a builder and do farts that make your eyes water when the room hushes.

I can now;1st jeans

Go out, with Baby and not leave her anywhere (like the time I left my phone on the roof of the car and drove off)

I can eat pretty much anything with one hand and a fork (baby sleeping on me) this includes a full roast dinner, go me 🙂

I can also do an ‘almost’ full make up job single-handedly

I can go for a wee while holding sleeping baby – think this might fall by the wayside when she gets heavier

I can muster up a passable outfit to go out in, Baby always looks immaculate


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